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imbecile artist. struggled and learned life the hard way. that's why i write or draw what the tortuous of fraudulent and deceitful life taught me.

I’m sick of people getting into my nerves. there comes a point where you just want to burst out and blame the entire universe for that misery.

turns out, some people will constantly tell you over and over and over again that they will always be right there for you, took a piece of your heart, you’ll get attached and then the next thing you know, they were gone out. and you just….felt so left out. so alone. but you know what hurts the most? it’s that point where they come back and ask you ‘what’s wrong?’


after that, you have to deal with your ferocious soul. and there was once again words in my empty headed mind which put knives in my heart that i’d just wish it didn’t hurt in every piece. but it did and it will leave a mark.

I’m just so angry. mad enough to turn my wounded and stricken heart into stone.

i feel things. like love. I’m not a robot. but sometimes i just wish i am. i pretend i have machines and electric wires inside of me instead of a heart.


Anonymous said: are you dating anyone?

lol. this is not a good question anon. :D

"don’t make decisions during bad times"

"one wrong move and you’re checkmate"

I’ve heard that like thousands of times. those are always marked on my empty headed mind when I’m in a bad mood and there’s a lot of shitty craps that needs answers and decisions. this proves growing up sucks. it’s not like you’re deciding what dip to use or choosing between barbie and unicorn stickers. NO. it’s not a childhood choices. it’s more like choosing between breaking your heart or breaking your lungs.

i would just shut my mouth in bad situations because every time i say even just one word, nothing good comes out. i just ended up hurting people.

words, of course, one of the most powerful drug used by mankind

but what about me?

what if there’s also cuts in my heart?

what if I’m tired of listening to you and putting what you feel first before mine?

I’m a human. not  a robot.

but you know what? that’s what’s great about being young. we have a lot of time to think about those crappy things. it’s okay to screw up. great memories come from bad ideas anyway. close your eyes and think of the memories where you laugh, smile and see that happiness is just leaking out of you. wait and be patient. think it through. the best thing you can do is the right thing


the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing. but never do NOTHING. that’s the worst thing.


NEW THEME! hoooray (^^,)V

hows everybody?